look out cuz I'm on the prowl, grrr…
booya! just got a raise, drinks on me!
want to see the game?
my boss is a jerk. I need a drink
I'm 21 and ready for fun!
first date night
where the beautiful people go!
I've got 5 bucks and I need a drink!
where everybody knows your name
girl's night out!
just the boys tonight!
final exams are over, party time!
just another nite.(all)

So, who the heck started this site and why?

One day three friends were looking to go out to celebrate a recent promotion one of them received. The three friends were into bars but were in a conundrum of sorts.

"We've exhausted all the bars in the area" one said. And though the area bars were cool, and fun, they were looking for something new; something worth celebrating the big promotion their pal just got!

Looking around online before their night out of celebratory beverages, they looked at the usual sites for key suggestions to bars. "BORING!!! Who can trust THOSE guys" the other friend said.

"Yeah, I betcha they've never even stepped foot in any of those bars", said the last guy who had been quiet because he had been at that bathroom the whole time before this conversation started.

So, they put their modest size heads together and came up with one big and BRILLIANT IDEA! "What if we could find a bar according to the mood that we were in?" They all said in unison.

"Yeah, what if we could find a bar that was rated to be the best spot to celebrate a promotion, or a great spot for a hook up, or a good spot for hanging with the boys, or girls, AND what if someone could tell me where to go to get a drink to talk trash about my boss, without him walking in after me at the local watering whole..." said some ear hustlin' stranger that was listening in on the whole damn conversation. WTF?!

Thus, Luckybars.com was born; out of the necessity of something more, something that can meet more than your need for the neighborhood bar, or after work watering hole. How about a site that will show you a new bar that matches the very mood you are in?

So, "what's your mood?"